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LA’s Top Seafood Restaurants

LA’s Top Seafood Restaurants
No food or restaurant guide is complete without one of the most popular, Seafood and that is certainly something that LA does not have any shortage off. Even though there are a tremendous amount of eateries take a look at the best that I have taken the liberty of highlighting for you.

One you cannot miss is the Knuckle & Claw that started in farmers markets, before they set up shops in both Santa Monica and Silver Lake. When in LA and you are looking for the best Lobster roll ever, then you simply have to eat this four ounces of lobster with mayonnaise and butter on a roll.

On Grand Avenue is the upscale, Water Grill and even though you are not very close to the ocean, the executive chef dishes up fresh seafood like sea scallops on cauliflower rice, black cod miso and glazed yams and sea bass with butternut gnocchi and more.

Cape Seafood and Provisions is a deli type and cafeteria type eatery with fresh daily catches on offer. What makes them worth mentioning aside from their freshly packed tubs of mackerel, cod and halibut, they offer tips on preparing shrimp or salmon fillets aside from the fact that they pack the most delectable ready to eat picnic baskets too.

The Hungry Cat serves America-style seafood in their stainless steel tables with cushioned benches in their easy-going restaurant with dishes like seafood towers, clam and lobster rolls, kabocha squash soup with bay scallops and bass in carrot puree to name a few.

Blue Plate Oysterette has a large raw bar filled with oysters, fish tacos, fish and chips and lobster mac and cheese among other signature seafood dishes.

Fishing with Dynamite is always packed with top chef David LeFevre at the helm serving delectable Littleneck clams, Peruvian Scallops, Jumbo Shrimp towers and seafood classics that make it easy to understand why it is difficult to find an empty seat there.

Top Indian restaurants in LA

Top Indian restaurants in LA
It is amazing that we always want to taste food of other cultures and cuisine different from our own. Even though you might be Indian, you might want a taste of authentic American cuisine. However everywhere in the world I have not seen anyone who does not adore authentic Indian Food. These here are not only the best in LA, but by far some of the best in the world.

Paru’s Indian Vegetarian Restaurant is a diner with outstanding food especially their vegetarian option of curry.

Samosa House on the other hand is a cafeteria style diner with the best samosas in all of LA.

You simply cannot go to LA and miss out on the delectable cuisine from Badmaash as one of the most modern in LA, belonging to a father and son that as team cooks up an Indian storm.

Electric Karma is incredibly romantic with Bollywood films projected in the background all around the diners, while soft Indian music plays in the background. The Punjabi cuisine from Electric Karma such as their sambar soup, cheese naan and mango chutney palak paneed with tofu and Indian Burrito takes you straight to the heart of authentic India.

Rajdhani is in the midst of Little India along Pioneer Boulevard and it is called as such simply due to the vast amounts of spice and Indian shops along the boulevard. It’s unlike the other Indian restaurants in LA as it serves strictly Western Indian cuisine. You will find no seafood or meat dishes at Rajdhani, but authentic platters of thali which is a selection of okra stew chapatti, daal and more.

A small restaurant that you might have missed as it is tucked in a corner of a small East Hollywood mall in India’s restaurant. From their perfect garlic naan, to incredible creamy sweet vegetable curry, vibrant red chicken masala, a myriad of tandoori options and lamb samosas, with balti specialties featuring, fish, shrimp, chicken and other proteins in hearty stews they are simply worth trying.

Best Outdoor Dining and Patios in LA

Best Outdoor Dining and Patios in LA

The Alcove Café & Bakery

If gourmet American Classics take your fancy and open air dining during the day and a movie under the stars with twinkling lights lining the patio then you should dine at the Alcove.

Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre is one of the top patios with a combination of Palm Springs casual and Mexican Chic. If you thought Mexican food comes from a truck when visiting LA, think again. Magnificent cuisine served on the extraordinary patio that is lined with ancient olive trees and during the day large umbrellas protect you from the sun, while chilly evenings are heated with a small fireplace and heat lamps.

Ray’s & Stark Bar

Magnificent, sleek, 60’s style outdoor restaurant with excellent dishes such as wood fired pizza, Mediterranean Sea bass and roasted cauliflower with an inspiring backdrop, being the LACMA Museum.

Plant Food & Wine

Plant Food & wine is definitely worth a visit especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan with seasonal feasts such as potato parsnip soup, harissa cauliflower wraps in a wonderfully breezy setting.


This magnificent setting is inside Hotel Avalon, however more outside than in, as its spills out onto the gorgeous pool area offering diners to sit beside the sparkling pool and also here you find diners in bikinis, making use of the water while waiting for servings of European and America cuisine.

Polo Lounge at Beverly Hills Hotel

Glamour and delectable cuisine on this magnificent patio of the Polo Lounge. Bougainvillea filled with dainty wrought iron chairs, live jazz music and spotlessly white tablecloths with cuisine that matches the décor and setting.

Spago of Beverly Hills

Here you will probably also see several celebrities too as this outstanding patio is one of the most coveted and sexiest diners in all of LA, two outdoor fireplace, retractable roof, white tablecloths and olive trees round off this place where the cuisine matches everything, simply the best.